I treat business as a never-ending challenge that leads to overcoming myself. It is the result of intentional plans, but also often the outcome of relationships built with partners or ambassadors of other brands. That’s how I got involved with the MUFU creative house. I had worked with most of the current MUFU team for many years. In 2019, we found that we view the world similarly and decided to create a new brand together.

Creative design studio /

MUFU is a creative house founded by a team of a few passionate people working under the spell of two (often conflicting) elements – reason and crazy creation. In the implemented projects, the recipients can find both artistic flair as well as a touch of pragmatism, which is very often important from the business point of view.

Comprehensive solutions /

MUFU is distinguished by its interdisciplinarity and comprehensive solutions. The studio deals with graphic design, film, animation and web design. As a result, the MUFU team is able to achieve perfect consistency with even the most complex projects.

The company’s areas of support /

  • graphics for print and web
  • branding
  • websites
  • animations
  • film production
  • comprehensive visual services